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Become a
Funding Partner

We are inviting funding partners to join our effort to provide urgent support to conservation and tourism enterprises, in Tanzania and beyond. We are urgently raising $2.5 million to capitalize the Fund’s efforts to provide relief to eligible businesses. From this base, we aim to grow the fund to $25 million + by July 2021 and to expand the Fund’s geographic reach beyond Tanzania.

In order to capitalize the Fund, we are raising non-recoverable grants in any amount from private philanthropic sources (individuals and foundations), public funders (bi-lateral and multilateral), and corporate philanthropy. The Fund is an ideal opportunity for individuals and institutions who:

  • Want to make a significant contribution to protect Africa’s wildlife and landscapes,

  • Believe in the power of locally-owned small- and medium-size businesses to contribute jobs, income, and resources for wildlife conservation,

  • Want to make an immediate impact while also supporting long-term benefits from thriving enterprises and an evergreen, revolving loan fund,

  • Are willing to rapidly contribute philanthropic and grant capital to meet a critical need at a time of crisis.


As a funder of the Africa Land Stewards Rescue Fund, you will play a unique role supporting grassroots businesses, entrepreneurs and communities that steward their surrounding landscapes and wildlife. All levels of contributions are welcome.

Additional Benefits

In addition to contributing to important conservation and sustainable development objectives, funders will receive benefits commensurate with their level of contribution and interest:

  • Join a community of like-minded philanthropists and social investors,

  • Receive regular updates from the field,

  • Participate in webinars and other educational initiatives,

  • Engage in the development of a long-term biodiversity and resilience platform,

  • Join the governance of the platform.

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